J & S Sylvester
Distributors of
Stanley Home Products & Fuller Brush Company
                                                                 since 1975.



The Stanley Home Products and Fuller Brush Company's Sales Force continues to grow and to answer the need for unique quality products such as cleaning supplies, broom, foam rug cleaner, stain stick, drain cleaner, car polish, vinyl and leather protectant, lemon oil, cedar block, cedar spray, static guard, treated duster cloth, vince for men, witch hazel, perfumed deodorant block, instant antiseptic hand gel, liquid air freshener, pre-laundry stain spray, fulsol degreaser, hand cream, static stop, utility shears, scissors, folding scissors, fullsoft, water softener, fabric finish, delicate fabric wash, tire glo,and bug remover, window wash, heavy duty degreaser and personal care items.

We are adding products all the time, and insuring that you get the finest quality products and service that you deserve, at the best possible price. So, check back with us often for updates and specials.
Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality product choices along with fast, reliable service. We want to help you by finding the very best solutions to your requirements.

Don't forget... You can order the products you want, right at your desk saving you time and money!